Black White and Red
Fabric Folds Dyptich
Fabric Folds 1
Sheers over reds

These fabric images are my newest works. I have been working on them for the last two years.

Having a passion for fabric that I have saved over the years and always hesitate throwing out. I opened a storage bag of some and when I saw them lying on the floor it called me to take a few photographs...and so this is the outcome..

Some have been framed and fabrics hang from the frames, some taken outdoors with sheer fabrics..

They are digital prints in a limited edition of 25 printed with archival inks

13" x 19" Archival digital prints

A quote from Aldous Huxley

"Is it perhaps, because the forms of folded drapery are so strange and dramatic that they catch the eye and in this way force the miraculous fact of sheer existence upon the attention?

Not an inch of smooth surface here, not a moment of peace or confidence, only a silken wilderness of countless tiny pleats and wrinkles, with an incessant modulation …of tone into tone, of one indeterminate color into another.

…draperies are living hieroglyphs that stand in some peculiarity expressive way for the unfathomable mystery of pure being."

The Doors of Perception
Aldous Huxley


Blacks 2
Red Reds
Times four
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Sheers on grass 1
Sheers on grass 2
Fabrics folded and hung....Sister....Sisters....Sisters with Grandmothers Ghost.